The Yetu Initiative – Aga Khan Foundation

  1. Introduction

The 2023 Yetu lessons learned & capstone dinner event jointly organized by the Aga Khan Foundation and the USAID mission in Kenya, took place on the evening of May 23rd 2023. Themed “Re-envisioning locally led development”, it aimed to create a platform for sharing insights, experiences and perspectives in leading and implementing locally led development initiatives while also celebrating 11 county Local Development Organizations..

  1. The Event Objectives
  • To create a shared understanding of locally led development in Kenya.
  • To explore how the community led, community owned and community-managed approach fosters locally led development in Kenya. 
  • To explore how county level collaborations and partnerships can advance locally led development solutions in Kenya.
  • To showcase and celebrate Civil Society Organizations (CSOs and Local Development Organizations (LDOs) in Kenya. 
  1. Achievements

The festival brought together a variety of stakeholders from across the country including civil society organizations and their networks, County government, funders, private sector, and other civic actors.

The event drew feedback and learnings in form of both positive and negative experiences to inform ideation of future projects and similar initiatives while contributing to ongoing dialogues on locally led development in Kenya.

WGCA handled all event management as well as an awareness and visibility PR plan through pre-during and post event media engagement that drew coverage from our desired target platforms.

  1. Key Results
  • Numerous media interviews with Yetu and LDO spokespeople for awareness creation and information sharing.
  • 21 Media articles – 15 online, 5 Broadcast and 1 print coverage of the event.
  • 14 Online mentions about “Yetu initiative” were posted on news, blogs and aggregator sites.
  • 3.6 million People viewed “Yetu initiative” publicity on online platforms.
  • 32.3 Million in  PR Value was generated by the online mentions about “Yetu initiative”.
  • 130,000  reached in readership from print coverage about “Yetu initiative”.
  • 504,000 reached in Listenership from  Radio coverage about “Yetu initiative” .
  • 248,000 reached in Viewership from  TV coverage about “Yetu initiative”.
  • 1,861, 460 generated in PR value by print & Broadcast coverage about “Yetu initiative”.
  • 66 Online posts pushed on AKF and Yetu Social media assets, generating 434 reactions.
  • Saw an increase in engagement by 20.5% on Linked In, 12.7% on Facebook, and 11.5% on X-(Twitter).

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